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General Information

Mission Statement



​​Assumption BVM Youth Ministries is a program facilitating the partnership of parents, priests, religious teachers, adult leaders and volunteers in managing and supporting activities that allow our youth to grow in their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves and their Catholic faith.

The program encourages our youth to become responsible members of their faith community and assists parish leadership in nourishing the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of our young people.  

Assumption BVM Youth Ministries activities promote the sharing of gospel values among all our youth, parents, priests, religious teachers, adult leaders and volunteers.



Youth Ministries Director - Suzanne Brooks,

Coordinator of Religious Education - Patricia Criniti,

Teen Youth Group Coordinator - Jaclyn Poulton,

Youth in Action Coordinators - Sharon Koob,, Amy Knorr,

Boy Scouts (Troop 153) - John Quinlan (Scoutmaster),, Bob Fisher,


Cub Scouts (Troop 153) - Erik Seckinger (Cubmaster),

CYO Sports President - Joe Wenzel,


CYO Sports VP/Operating Officer - Vacant


CYO Sports Treasurer - Elizabeth Wenzel,

CYO Sports Athletic Director - Vacant

CYO Sports Recording Secretary - Denise Pfender,

CYO Sports Facilities Officer - Chris Moser,

CYO Sports Development Officer - Vacant

IT Officer - John Chiodo,


Parish Contacts

Rectory - 215-357-1221


Facebook Page -

Parish Website -

Parish Guide Book -


PREP / Religious Education Office -

CYO Sports Facebook Page -

Website Updates

Updated Material needed for this site should be forwarded to the IT Officer each week by Thursday, 4PM to allow for publication prior to the weekend.

***  Links to other sites are provided on this site. These sites are provided for informational purposes only and are not necessarily sponsored by the parish or church organization.  ***

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