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In our region (region 19), we have seen many mergers that made CYO programs stronger including St. Ann’s / St. Marks, Holy Trinity / St. Johns, and Queen of the Universe / St. Joes / Cabrini.

We are looking into bigger and better things and we'll keep you posted with what we do in the future. We have been working on this for a while and are committed to being very strong going forward. Please be patient with us as we do the best we can.

We also continue looking into doing in-house and community programs, like our strong pee-wee basketball program.

Have an idea ? Please reach out to us!  Want to volunteer ? Please reach out to us!

We can be reached at :



Assumption CYO

Dear Assumption Families,

With the lower CYO enrollment and a shortage of volunteers to run our various sports programs, we have no recourse but to suspend our CYO program and look into merging with another parish in an attempt to continue the great program we already have.





At Assumption BVM, there are many opportunities for our young people to become involved in parish life.  However, no program can be effective without parents and adults willing to share their time and talents with our youth. 


Please consider joining us to continue our ability to offer these opportunities  to our youth.  Archdiocesan Safe Environment policies must be followed.


For More information, please contact Susanne Brooks, Coordinator of Youth Ministry at the Rectory at 215-357-1221 or email

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You can now enroll your child for CYO sports at Assumption BVM by using SI-Play!! 


See the links below for sport(s) that are currently open for registration or go to each sports' page on this website for more information.

PEE_WEE Basketball

Be sure to contact the Rectory, at 215-357-1221, to check out our Parish SCRIP program for all your sports apparel needs.  We currently offer $25.00 Gift Cards to Dick's Sporting Goods !!


Protecting God's Children!!

If you still need to complete the Protecting God's Children clearance requirement, the program is being offered, for a limited time, ONLINE!

Register for the program by clicking HERE!


If you have parent-cleared pictures of your Assumption BVM kids involved in sports or any of our youth groups, we'd love to post them here on this website. 


Email them to and we'll show them off for you. 


If you don't know if they're parent-cleared, send them in anyway and we'll help you find out if they're cleared to post!

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